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Photoshop Dimensions - Issue 2: 3D Text • Cap & Bevel • Lighting & Layout • Materials

Photoshop Dimensions

Issue 2

3D Text • Cap & Bevel • Lighting & Layout • Materials

Learn how to make a 3D picture frame with 3D extrusions and beveling, use layout and lighting to create eye-catching 3D text and employ the power of Photoshop Extended to produce realistic cotton and denim materials.

Photoshop Dimensions is the magazine of 3D in Adobe Photoshop. Whether you are new to 3D in Photoshop or an old hand, Photoshop Dimensions will show you new and exciting ways to add another dimension to your work. Photoshop Dimensions is written by leading authorities and experts who truly understand Photoshop’s powerful 3D features.

Errata for Issue 2