Issue 1 Free

What's New in 3D in Photoshop CS6 Extended

Our inagural edition of Photoshop Dimensions introduces the enhanced 3D features in Adobe® Photoshop® CS 6 Extended®. Learn about textures and materials, lighting and cameras, extrusions and 3D text, creating and importing 3D objects, and the various rendering options in Photoshop®.

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Issue 2

3D Text • Cap & Bevel • Lighting & Layout • Materials

Learn how to make a 3D picture frame with 3D extrusions and beveling, use layout and lighting to create eye-catching 3D text and employ the power of Photoshop Extended to produce realistic cotton and denim materials.

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Issue 3

3D Text Logo • Object from Grayscale Image • Leather Materials

Make a logo with 3D text. Turn a 2D gradient into a 3D waving flags. Explore the inner workings of the default leather material and create a skeuomorphic leather ribbon with raised stitching.

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